Our professionally trained and licensed therapists are committed to ultimate pampering, infused with their enthusiasm, and take pride in delivering a personalized and dedicated service.

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The Spahhh at The Beach features two air-conditioned treatment rooms with a waiting area complete with retail items available for purchase.

Our therapies combine both ancient and contemporary techniques in a natural manner. They are designed to bring balance and equilibrium to meet the needs of each individual. Our product range includes natural ingredients from Re:mind Wellness, and aromatherapy products from Aromatherapy Associates. Aromatherapy Associates products are rich in precious essential oils and active botanical extracts, designed to soothe and calm the mind, bring the emotions into balance and ease strains, tension, and blockages in the body & skin.

The Wellness Spahhh has varying hours. Please speak with our concierge team to book a treatment or arrange to shop the retail items, or book your appointment online.

Classic Treatments

These are our classic spa treatments at The Beach Motel with our licensed therapist. 


50 min 110 | 80 min 130

This treatment is perfect for those who benefit from firm pressure for an invigorating experience. It is particularly suited for stimulating blood circulation, promoting the breakdown of fat cells, and relaxing muscle tension. An Aromatherapy Associates enhancement is available for this massage, to give the whole body a refreshing and energising feeling afterwards.


50 MIN 100

This therapy is used to ease muscle aches and pains in the back, neck and shoulder area. Ideal for quick relief after a long journey. This includes head, shoulders, neck, and scalp


50 min 170

Deeply calming and grounding to induce a serious state of relaxation and ensure your best night’s sleep. Carefully applied pressures relieve key areas of tension, while our award-winning essential oil blend sedates, calms and grounds you to induce a serious state of relaxation.

The ultimate massage for your best night’s sleep.


50 min 170

Reduce anxiety, calm scattered thoughts, improve mental health and focus. Chamomile and frankincense are found to calm and uplift while a traditional aromatherapy massage targets symptoms of stress. A blend of chamomile, petitgrain, and rosemary helps to calm and cleanse your thoughts, while an Ayurvedic scalp and facial massage relieves anxiety and emotional exhaustion. Perfect for a troubled mind, this is an effective treatment any time of day to unwind and get your brain back on track.

Perfect for times of stress and over activity, this treatment helps the mind unwind and refocus, getting you back on track.

Restorative reflexology

50 min 100

This treatment is based on the principle that there are points on the feet that connect through the nervous system to corresponding parts of the body.  Moderate pressure  is applied to specific points on the feet to support energy flow, destress, restore and balance the body.


50 min 190 | 80 min 220

Choose from a selection of three oils each safely formulated to be used during pregnancy to nourish and care for your expanding skin. Using the traditional aromatherapy pressure point massage for the upper back and paying particular attention to tight shoulders, this massage helps to relieve stress and tension. The legs are massaged to ease the heavy feeling that can come with pregnancy and a full scalp and facial massage, with treatment oil chosen specifically for your skin type, completes this top to toe treatment.

Give yourself a moment to appreciate the joy of pregnancy and leave the stresses of life behind you.

You deserve this

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Re:mind Wellness Exclusive Treatments

Additionally, we are excited to welcome Re:mind Wellness offering some exclusive spa treatment options at The Beach Motel.

The Beach Facial


Spend the day at the Beach and the night in the Lobby Bar then go home fresh faced and glowing with the custom Beach Facial. Each Beach Facial is customized for your skin and includes a mini lymphatic facial massage.

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Pro Aging Facial + Peel


This personalized facial experience will instantly revitalize, rejuvenate and protect your skin from premature skin aging. A unique blend of organic ingredients grown in Hungary and formulated in Vancouver rich in peptide complexes and specific boosters will leave you completely regenerated.

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Our most luxurious facial offers a completely customized treatment tailored to your exact needs, leaving your skin refreshed, renewed and vibrant. Before your facial, you will receive an in-depth consultation to determine the best combination of products and techniques to complement your skin. Continue your spa experience at home with a recommended personalized skin care routine.

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Brow Shaping + Tinting

Starts at 45

Brow tint and detailed shaping. Pricing to be determined prior to beginning of service if it should be more than 45.

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High Frequency Add On to Facials


The High Frequency machine addresses a range of issues including acne, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, puffy eyes, and hair growth.

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