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Meet Samantha & Dane, a young couple who have decided to take the plunge into Motelier Life in their beach-side, hometown of Southampton, Ontario.

With busy careers in landscaping and real-estate, every winter Samantha and Dane would spend a few months travelling, staying in a variety of accommodations, ranging from hostels to luxury overwater villas. Their favourite accommodations are small boutique properties, getting to know not only fellow travellers, but often, the Owners. This personal, guest-focused experience was something they found lacking in their own local tourism, and knew one day, they wanted to be the ones to provide in Southampton.

Combining their passions of real estate and tourism, their dream has been to own and operate a boutique beach resort. Samantha and Dane are the ultimate beach bums, and across all their travels, the most beautiful place on Earth is still their hometown. Known for one of the best sunsets in the world, as voted by National Geographic, and its powder soft sand and calm waters, Southampton is a vacationer’s dream. It is a little piece of tropical paradise in the North.

The beautiful town of Southampton deserves equally beautiful accommodations. With their travels, Samantha and Dane know the unique touches a hotel can provide such as lifelong, memorable experiences. Dane brings with him various skilled trades in construction, project management and general contracting. Samantha grew up in tourism, working at Blue Mountain Resorts, with years of experience in Front Desk and Guest Services. Their collective experiences running a property management company, has given them a unique eye for design, and an exceptional drive to bring life back to older, once-beautiful buildings.

On a hot summer day, taking a break from their time at the beach, Samantha and Dane stumbled upon an old motel. They instantly fell in love. Samantha and Dane knew it would be hard work, but also knew they wanted to restore this important piece of Southampton, as the perfect opportunity to start their retirement dream early.

What started as a lofty retirement dream, has now come to life at The Beach Motel. Through their travels, Samantha and Dane have incorporated their favourite memories and experiences into every detail throughout the motel, from the welcome beverage in reception, to the personal choice of activities in the lounge. This new endeavour is a true culmination of their passion for travel, love for their hometown, and dream of spending life at The Beach.

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